Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Great Class Tonight - So ... Who's Training You?

So ... are you currently working online?

If so, which stage are you at right now? Are you a "Newbie" that's just starting out? Are you more of an "Intermediate" ... someone who has got some techniques down and under your belt, you're seeing some results, but you're not making a full-time income yet? Or are you a more "Advanced" Internet marketer ... someone who is creating full-time income from home and having fun doing it?

Well, the one thing ANYONE in this industry needs is ... wait for it ... TRAINING.

And ... not just training, but GOOD TRAINING with mentors and coaches who are experienced, successful, and here's the BIG ONE ... ACCESSIBLE!

That's right ... if you're working in some system where the only help you can get is automated ... support tickets and requests ... then you're likely to be completely lost if you're a Newbie, and just plain frustrated and angry if you're more advanced.

Tonight we had our weekly online training class for the New Rich Report. I was amazed at all the new people that attended that are just getting their feet wet in this industry and are seeing results from using the system. I was also amazed at the number of folks who said they had been marketing online for a while but were now seeing results for the first time!

The class was held by my friend Janet Legere. She handles all the training for the New Rich Report System, and she's wonderful. If you've been around the Internet for a while you'll be familiar with Janet. In my opinion she's the "Queen of Online List Building", and one of the best mentors and instructors you could have.

She's also accessible. It's an amazing thing when you can reach out personally and make contact by email, instant messenger, or ... yes ... even by phone (how's that for unusual in this business) ... with someone who is as well-known, respected, and successful as Janet. Then it's doubly amazing ... once you've connected ... to discover how willing she is to help with whatever problem you might have. No question is too silly and no concern is too small. She's always right there for you.

I have to be honest ... some of the questions that come up in the training sessions for New Rich Report make me want to scream! Can people really be this dense?

But ... that's me. It's certainly not Janet.

So ... my question right now is this ... Who's Training You?

In whatever system you're using to market online ... or to learn how to market online ... can you take advantage of training like this? Are you being given live training sessions or is everything recorded? Can you actually reach someone personally ... someone of the stature of a Janet Legere ... or are you continually filling out support tickets and waiting for replies? Can you reach people, but then find out you've reached someone with just enough experience to put you off or direct you to the online support ticket system?

If any of this sounds familiar, I want to invite you to look into our group at the New Rich Report system. It doesn't matter if you're a Newbie or an "Oldbie" ... personal contact with real, live, successful people using the system you're using to make money online is vital to success.

That's what we've got at New Rich Report.

Take a look. You might like what you see.


Steve Gaghagen
Home Business Expert

Big Bear Lake, CA, USA